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Member Networking
Your own private online community
The Member system allows your members to sign in, maintain a personal profile, a biography and a journal of news, images and links.

Registration and Membership

  • enables personal updates by members (examples)
  • facilitates member-to-member communication
  • improves and secures the user experience
  • provides a unique login ID and password
  • allows access to interactive features
  • restricts selected content to registered users
  • ensures security of confidential information


Request a demonstration to open the blog, forums, member management and other tools. See how easily you could maintain your own site. A comprehensive demonstration takes about 30 minutes.


The site operator can create interest groups and assign members to them and can also define permissions about who may see and add content. The details of member profiles vary somewhat depending on the category of service selected by the congregation. The system is very flexible and can incorporate your ideas as well as ours.

Related Features

The Member system is only for social networking on the website. Our Roster tool is a more comprehensive system for managing other traditional aspects of participation in the religious community. It integrates with other data processing services, such as accounting and participation in the life of the congregation. Industry-standard, granular permission lists let you control how the two relate and what elements of your data are displayed to members or groups. (More)

Why not use a popular social networking service?

Commercial social networking sites have a primary goal of earning money for their shareholders by selling advertising space and user information. Your data is out for bid by persons and corporations wanting to sell products and services or to leverage information for other, e.g., political, purposes.


Because this demonstration may be open to visitors, we cannot take responsibility for comments that may appear here or messages sent from a profile. We appreciate notice of comments not adhering to our family-friendly standards. All content for user VISITOR is regularly erased and restored to its original status, so please do not waste your time or ours with spurious comments.

Member Profiles

Members' personal updates are brief news items that may contain images and links to additional information. Each site can define the display style, number previewed, stc. Links to the respective members are displayed only to enrolled users.

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Shared Updates

Michael Twiggs 07-Nov-2023
We're especially excited by our new Nutrition Program. We can now help your congregation become healthier with locally grown fruits and vegetables. Ask us how!
Lorraine Abbott 31-Mar-2021
I'm happy to tell you that I've just joined the choir in addition to my Sunday school teaching.
Visitor Visitor 14-Jun-2019
I've updated the home page; it's more compact and follows HTML/CSS rules better.
Clark Internet 24-Feb-2019
I have a test profile. I will experiment with the site over the next few days. I understand that my submissions may be erased at any time.
Frank Alexander 03-Jul-2018
We've updated the welcome and introductory pages. Several new features have been added in 2018, and we've had a general facelift. Of course your site will have its own design.