The Web Deacon
WWW sites for religious communities

Consider the Web Deacon

  • your congregation is shrinking as members participate less or drift away
  • the community is changing around you socially, demographically or economically
...and perhaps
  • you don't have a website,
  • OR you have one that was last updated in 1997,
  • OR you are totally reliant on a less-than-responsive "webmaster"

We want to help you succeed in your mission.


Still eating that church food?

Many churches provide meals with little or no nutritional value to their members as part of or after worship services.

The Web Deacon partners with Garden of Eden Indoor Farming, a non-profit organization helping other non-profits bring fresh, nutritious, hydroponically grown produce to local communities. We also offer training in indoor gardening to help improve diets and related management skills to help build strong communities. If these ideas interest you, contact us and

add nutrition to your mission!